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Sales Tracking Systems

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Enterprises repeatedly monitor sales activities to analyze business trends and develop business policies. Advanced technologies are a pre-requisite to track information on sales and customers. While procuring Sales Tracking Systems, enterprises need to address the following questions: Is it competent to manage and monitor the entire retail network?  Will it provide quick and accurate information to customers, suppliers and business partners? Is the system cost-effective? Will it effortlessly integrate the existing management techniques and data from POS system on the server?

The Elixir CT Advantage

The Software-systems deployed by Elixir CT are designed to collect, compile and track sales activities. Our applications allow you to adapt and seamlessly integrate existing methodologies without loss of data. Our technology creates diverse functional architecture for smooth flow of data for quick information and analysis.  We manage and track sales activities with potential leads to help you automatically receive notification on your key accounts.

Elixir CT offers Mobi Sales Management Solutions to help employees and supervisors plan, guide, implement and report daily/weekly/monthly sales activities. High-level architecture provides flexible easy-to-use solutions that empower the management and optimize productivity of employees. Sales management systems ensure the availability of data for analysis and for indentifying growth potentials.

With our cost-effective and scalable solutions, clients can record sales activities using mobile phones. For this purpose, once we have been provided with the phone and model numbers of staff members, we install software in every mobile for easier monitoring and supervision. Our application software runs on all types of mobile apps including Blackberry, Android, Window Mobiles, Symbian and Java Mobile phones.

Our systems give clients the flexibility to define their own market locations, spread out over diverse geographic areas. Sales tracking systems will refer to the market location when displayed.

Our Substantial Benefits

  • We will set up an automatic interface to Standard CRM  or ERP systems for uploading of collected sales data through mobile phones. 
  • Automatic phone call logs with location information
  • Automatic SMS message archival with location information
  • Recording of meeting notes and saving on server with location information

Able Solutions

  • Off the shelf as well as customized solutions
  • Capability to work on all platforms and operative systems
  • Operational efficiencies for processes and products
  • Effective integration of applications and solutions
  • Ease handling and viewership of reports and data
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized applications and solutions
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions