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Retail Audits

Take stock of your dealings

Elixir CT realizes the complexities and challenges faced by businesses to stay ahead in changing market economies. To help our clients achieve and remain market leaders, we innovate at every step – be it processes or products, giving you a competitive edge. We offer customized application development for retail audits to transform into business solution for you. 

The Elixir Edge in Retail Audits

  • Quickly and efficiently route products from warehouses to point of sale to save time.
  • All-in-one business accounting program to categorize data as required.
  • Use MIS and Back-end data processing to improve stock management and save time.
  • Deploy business intelligence, data retrieval and data analytics tools to explore new opportunities.
  • Verify and validate data for better stock control and increased profitability.
  • Receive instant stock information and update stock inventory, accordingly.          
  • Maintain current and archival information to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Services include:

Retail Management

Our team at Elixir CT understands the never-ending and ever-increasing pressures, wafer-thin margins, sky-rocketing costs that present challenges in attaining operational effecitiveness and profitability.  We not only understand these complexities, but also provide retail management software solution to clients to enhance customer experience, and improve communications between you and your business channels.

We offer a range of software and mobile application products and solutions which integrate a wide spectrum of client requirements, steamlining business functions, and increase organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality with a ROI assurance. Or end-to-end retail management solutions such as ERP systems to effectively integrate demand and supply to help improve your bottom line. Using retail management software at the point of sale, retailers can more effectively respond to their customers’ needs, accelerate transactions, reduce the time-to-cash cycle, accurately communicate with back-end systems and drive cross-sell opportunities.

With our retail management system:

  • Gives sales associates and field staff easy access to real-time, on-demand information about products and services
  • Automate proof of delivery processes and create a virtual mobile enterprise between vendor, store and end-customer

The on demand information on products, services, schemes, product accessories, etc., will result in increased sales and customer loyalty. Wireless mobile computing technologies can be leveraged to drive faster point-of-sale transactions, leading to better customer experience and customer loyalty.

Inventories Management

Elixir CT’s Inventories Management is state-of-the art and highly value based.  We provide you solutions to help create invoices, purchase orders, lists, etc., for your employees on the go, Elixir CT's cost-effective planning and preparation edge allows for optimal utilization of your resources. Elixir CT’s Inventory management systems are an effective way to respond to the constant need to curb direct and indirect operating costs; efficient management of materials and equipment; and fast utilization and quick turnaround of resources.

Elixir CT offers premiere solutions to businesses that are workable and ready-to-incorporate paving the way for systematic sales forecasting, sophistication in sales and operation planning, handy inventory portfolio, besides, planning and managing of core production and materials management.

At Elixir CT we design our Inventory Management Systems to specific client demands and futuristic market movements. The comprehensive range of solutions offered by Elixir CT in the arena of inventoty management include

  • Synchronisation of business activities
  • Enhanced consumer interaction
  • Opportunity to create customized – vendor information and inventory master systems
  • Control and management of assets
  • Assessment of Inventory Management Stock levels

Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning

Elixir CT offers dynamic Mobile enterprise resource planning system for optimal utilizations. Higher productivity will ensure higher customer satisfaction levels along with reduced costs of operations.  Real time allocation of service requests will translate into higher operational efficiencies. Our proactive resource planning tools perform end-to-end activities and give flexible opportunities to the companies from diversified collaterals by reacting to market demands almost instantly.

Our state of the Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning empowers organizations with comprehensive networks to map their routines and activities on the basis of inventory, product details, staff network and other vertical-specific information.

Able Solutions

  • Off the shelf as well as customized solutions
  • Capability to work on all platforms and operative systems
  • Operational efficiencies for processes and products
  • Effective integration of applications and solutions
  • Ease handling and viewership of reports and data
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized applications and solutions
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions