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About Elixir CT

Marketing Campaigns

Wider arenas for worthwhile results

Elixir CT knows the importance of mobiles for reaching out to customers.  We thus offer solutions that can be used with print, electronic and every other form of media or with a combination of multiple media to enable customers to receive knowledge and information on marketing campaigns. We offer services that can leverage customer behavior and improve interactions. We provide rich and faster user experiences to add value to you mobile marketing campaigns. Customers can view advertisements with the marketing offer on their mobiles, and follow the procedure for receiving the brochures, vouchers, locating stores, etc.


E-vouchers have become the backbones of marketing campaigns. And, the team at Elixir is technically equipped and has the relevant experienced to manage e-voucher transactions. Customers can view the advertisement with the offer on their mobiles or on the Internet, and follow the procedure for receiving the vouchers. Our solutions are designed to prevent duplication.


MobiStores are UI Applications available on your customers mobile phones to display new products and upgrades offered by you. Our MobiStore application will allow end-customers to order and pay for any of your product or service via his mobile.

Store Locator

Elixir CT as a next generation solution provider understands the importance of locating stores through mobiles. Our solutions will allow customers to send messages to helpline numbers with prompt replies providing options of company outlets in the vicinity of the customer’s locations.


Elixir CT provides uber cool customer experiences. For this purpose, we offer solutions and applications that enable end-customers to order and receive product brochures on his/her handset. We help create solutions that customize brochures which can then be utilized on any brand of handset or service provider.

The Value Proposition

Quality is the cornerstone of our success: Be it quality of product and services or quality of relationship we build with our clients. What sets us apart from our competition is our relentless quest for excellence. We are constantly looking at new ways of delivering value to our customers.

Here are a few value propositions which position us as a leading independent partner for your mobile marketing campaign needs:

Your very own business extension: With the four Pillars of the Elixir Edge, you can opt for all-round services that can take care of all your application needs. Our adaptability and customer-centricity ensures that we work in sync with your business objectives and processes.

Rapid Implementation of your ideas: Fast development and deployment of the products speeds up your time-to-market and lets you quickly recover your investments. Our team and infrastructure is prepared to develop and deploy your ideas with minimum time-around.

Readily available infrastructure: Our development and application solution centers posses the latest infrastructure that can be adapted to meet unique requirements of clients, thereby reducing project start-up time.

Your complete IT and mobile consultant: We integrate technology with business and principles with solutions. Our solutions will complement your business strategies, practices, structures and vision.

Robust Relationships

  • Customer-centric, Business-driven approach
  • Ensuring security of data and customers identification
  • Technologically-advanced, mobile and IT platforms
  • Fun and games to enhance brand awareness
  • Solutions, processes and campaigns that attract customers
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized marketing managements
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions