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Managed Services

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The shifting trends of the markets coupled with decreasing budgets have challenged enterprises to revolutionize solutions to optimize use of mobile services and IT resources.  Every enterprise, today, needs to focus on improving overall operational efficiencies.  By focusing on your core competencies, you can easily avail global opportunities, proactively connect to clients, leverage newest technologies, and expand and secure processes.

We offer an enabling and flexible infrastructure that empowers you to improve your operational productivity and performance. Our expertise and round-the-clock management of your services allows you and your people to remain focused on strategic business issues.  Our work, based on Elixir’s four Ps, aligns with your business strategy by - accelerating time-to-market of applications, adaptability to implement key projects with ongoing operations, upgrade/enlarge/reduce e-Business and Mobi applications and processes as per your requirement, and achieve superior performance. We offer our gamut of services with continuous innovations to ensure reduced costs, highest levels of service and hassle-free operations.

Our Managed Services Offerings include:

M-Commerce Solutions

Enhance your business with variety and reliability
At Elixir CT, we have the experience and infrastructure to offer competitive advantage across a wide range of industries. We continuously innovate to deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions that leverage state-of-the-art mobile technology and exclusive client-server mobile applications. Our highly skilled and creative team of mobile engineers and designers has an in-depth knowledge of Symbian OS, Blackberry’s, I-phones, Windows Mobiles and Linux OS. Our mobile based deliverables include location based services, security enablement of mobile devices, B2B and B2C solutions, m-commerce design and integration, innovative and smart applications for smart phones, etc.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Fast-track to real business value
At Elixir CT, we value the distinct requirements of different e-commerce environments viz., business to business, business to consumer, business to government, and consumer to consumer. We offer customized e-commerce solutions and focus on developing web portals that enable customized e-commerce solutions to meet the unique demands of diverse business enterprises. We undertake effective implementation of new processes to generate real-time business. Our well-equipped e-commerce team of web developers, designers and web experts create user-centric visual storefronts, customized shopping carts and effective payment for simple and safe online shopping experiences.

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Production Support and Maintenance

Use our Infrastructure for business evolution
We, at Elixir CT, effectively, efficiently and expeditiously take on the responsibility of your operations to provide quality support and maintenance. Our aim is to provide customized solutions that ensure profitable on-going performance of your applications. This will enable you to provide the highest level of service to your people and clients, at an optimized cost. We offer our clients complete application maintenance which includes updates, modifications, bug fixing, root-cause analysis, and resolution of issues at all problem levels.

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Messaging and Call Center

Connections and Interactions for effective communications
At Elixir CT, our state-of-the art systems can efficiently handle inbound and outbound communication. We provide support to your clients and stakeholders via telephonic calls and messaging. We train our people to become well-spoken and highly-skilled call center executive who offer personalized customer services – which further increase your sales, builds customer loyalty and adds to your profits. Our executives are well-versed in their chosen language to efficiently and promptly respond to consumer inquiries and offer telemarketing services. We  also provide direct and instant messaging solutions to enhance services provided to end customers and business partners.

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Consultancy Solutions

Checking and calculating your project's achievability
Elixir CT provides proficient and effective business communications for distinctive aspects of your business. We understand the need to analyse your project from scratch and at start to encourage a more active dialogue with stakeholders and adherence of business objectives. Our highly-trained personnel can incorporate y our enterprises’ forte into constructive business tools. .  Our adoption of newest technologies and methodologies ensures that consultancy solutions provided by us can be adapted and adopted in a timely and well-organized manner. We undertake the feasibility study of your projects along with risk analysis, requirements analysis and specification development. We are also adept at evaluating and developing mobile and IT software related products and services.    

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Optimizing Infrastructures

  • Focus on clients core competencies to improve operational productivity and performances
  • M-commerce design and integrations for B2B, B2C channels
  • Creative user-centric e-commerce environments
  • Application maintenance to enhance clients service standards
  • Inbound and Outbound calls and messaging center
  • Analysing projects achievability by undertaking feasibility studies
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized services
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions