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Location Based Services

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Elixir CT’s Mobile location based services ensures staff productivity and effectiveness through a system that can automate employee field visits into accurate logs.  Our location based services will ensures geographical coverage and productivity of your employees. With this information in hand, you can easily integrate employee field locations with an activity report for better governance.  Geo-coding systems allow clients in real-time to know the exact location of any event on Google Maps.

The Elixir CT Advantage

The four pillars of Elixir’s Edge pave the way for successful installations and smooth functioning of location based system applications developed and deployed for clients’ needs.  Our teams experience in tracking the places and sites of sales employees visits, amount of time spent at a particular site, etc. Our applications and effective utilization of Google earth on mobile applications empower seniors and supervisors with information that is essential to follow through with a sale – potentials, leads and collections. All this can be shared with the field staff on their mobiles easily and with real time information retrieval.

Our latest generation technologies let you feel the pulse of all sales, leads and appointment activities by keeping track of the most current information. From their screens, supervisors and field employees can be in constant touch.

Our Lead Management System is designed to provide customized functional flows to our diverse client base. Our location based and lead management systems will empower our clients to closely monitor and direct field staff, while the field staff will benefit immensely with better management of time and resources. We ensure proper User-interface for high quality data transfer and storage.

Able Solutions

  • Off the shelf as well as customized solutions
  • Capability to work on all platforms and operative systems
  • Operational efficiencies for processes and products
  • Effective integration of applications and solutions
  • Ease handling and viewership of reports and data
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized applications and solutions
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions