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Customer Verification Systems

Safety measures to defend brands and protect clientele

In today’s era of rapidly growing m-commerce and e-commerce businesses, the need to protect and identify end-users and customers is no longer an option but a necessity. Customer Identification plays a critical role in everyday transactions and maintaining secure business relationships. Verifying a customer through an application has become an integral step in the process of m-commerce.

That is why, at Elixir CT provides comprehensive identity verification solutions that won’t interrupt current business environment of clients. Our Systems offer fast and flexible implementation, focus on fraud prevention and reduction, and provide precise data for reliable results.

Signature Verification Systems

Elixir CT provides Signature Verification Systems which deliver a customer’s signature or image to an operator to enable correct and accurate identification of customers.  Online customer verification systems are essential tools for financial organization and other societies to improve customer services and security.  Applications and software used by Elixir CT decides whether a signature or image corresponds to the original signature or image. Our easy-to-use system can be easily integrated with your existing customer databases, and can be used to reduce costs and improve levels of service as well as security.

We work to provide cost-effective technology that uses the minimum space for storing and authenticating signatures and images. Our team of experienced and expert engineers enables the use of signature security systems for assessing entry applications and password substitutions. Signatures are collected by getting consumers to sign on digital tablets which are virtually impossible to mimic or steal.  Our use of latest technology ensures that these digital signatures are stored using minimum hardware space.

Address Verification Systems

One of the biggest hurdles facing the various verticals is physical verification of consumers’ addresses. Failure to physically verify addresses can be detrimental to the image of organizations and can also lead to legal hassles, where such identifications are necessary.

At Elixir CT we have developed and designed mobile applications which when used in integration with location-based services can track a field agent’s verification data along with geographical coordinates. An agent goes to the address provided by the consumer, and on verification of the address sends a positive or negative response to the server.  Applications can be designed to provide reasons for non-verification. Authenticity of an agent’s visit along with verification of a consumers address can be undertaken at the same time.

Able Solutions

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  • Capability to work on all platforms and operative systems
  • Operational efficiencies for processes and products
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  • Ease handling and viewership of reports and data
  • User-friendly, goals-optimized applications and solutions
  • Well-qualified and experienced personnel
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented solutions